Dalla Corte DC One Grinder

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Eciatto prides itself in partnering with internationally renowned brands that have proven track records of quality excellence. At present, we are the exclusive distributor for Caffe Musetti, Dalla Corte, Fetco, Sanremo, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., 1883 Maison Routin syrup, Montenne and more. At Eciatto, we believe in “transforming concepts, delivering results, and changing the lives of business owners” Eciatto Group is the umbrella group for a number of companies spanning across Malaysia and Singapore, which includes Eciatto Group Sdn Bhd, Eciatto Singapore Pte Ltd, Deciatto Ebase Enterprise, TLH Sales & Services and Eciatto Barista Academy.

Dalla Corte DC One Grinder
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Dalla Corte DC One Grinder DC One This grinder has a linear design, consistent pouring, special burrs designed for the expresso – every espresso machine deserves a grinder like this. Overview DC one is the first on-demand grinder we have designed in its entirety. If it took a while, it’s because we wanted to be sure of the results. Well – it was worth it! DC One On-demand DC one recognises the single or double dose automatically. All you have to do is place the portafilter onto its holder. Meanwhile, you can talk to your customers.Temperature The quality of espresso coffee must be preserved during the grinding process. Special fans keep the temperature down, thus preventing coffee from overheating. Yes, we do take care of everything. DC One Precision The screen allows you to control all the important parameters. You can adjust burrs digitally with a precision of one hundredth of a millimetre. Once again, we are setting the standards. Technical specifications Grinder DC One Dimensions (l x h x p)
235 x 570 x 300 mm Grinding capacity
approx. 4 g/sec Hopper capacity
1500 g Energy consumption
500 W Connected load
230/240 V, 115 V R / Minute
1350 (200 V - 50 Hz) U/min Millstones diameter ø
65 mm Weight
12 kg GAS
included BCS

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